Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Italian Grocery Lady

Awhile back, a cashier at the grocery store commented on the bread I was buying, and told me how much she enjoyed it with a cup of coffee. I agreed . Soon my visits to the grocery store were made special if she happened to be working that day. I started to always go to her line, even if other ones were moving faster.

Together we have had great conversations about delightful foods to have with a good cup of coffee, art, children and interesting little places to visit.

One day as we were speaking of our children, she looked at me and said, "I've always believed raising children is ones greatest masterpiece."

Priceless items at the checkout.

Ruth V.


  1. and like us, they too are imperfect masterpieces.

    always a work in progress.


  2. ah and it is...a wonderful little vignette...i believe it to be one of the highest callings...

  3. what a glorious cashier!

  4. Oh, this is just delightful. Priceless, indeed.

  5. What a wonderful God-moment. So many beautiful people to meet and learn from. We are His masterpieces (Eph. 2:10)

  6. Giving a receiving grace and blessing in the checkout line--beautiful.

  7. those moments of random conversation can be such a blessing!

  8. i LOVE that you took the time... that you believed in those moments and didn't rush through them. i so often rush. ruth, you always inspire me. and i wish i could sit and talk with you about art over coffee. maybe one day, friend. love e.