Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lovingly Maintained

Four years ago our eldest daughter-who had only been married three weeks was in a terrible car accident. She took the full force of a car that went through a red light.
The driver didn't remember seeing any light.

It's a call you hope never to receive. I remember crying, but more than that I remember the sound that came from my body. It was a sound that I had never heard before or since. A mother moaning for her child.

We had no idea at that moment what the future held for her. I wasn't there to stop the car. I wasn't there to stop the pain, the blood. I couldn't maintain. I couldn't maintain what happened.

While I was still oblivious to the accident, God sent angels alongside her. Firemen and paramedics who cut the metal to free her. Doctors and nurses whose hands knew exactly what to do. A chorus of prayers.

God was there.

Now, in just a few weeks, that same daughter-who God has so lovingly held and blessed-will, along with her husband, welcome their first child. Our first grandchild. A miracle.

As I sat in church the other week and listened to the prayer of St. Patrick,I was reassured and affirmed once again of Gods love and mercy upholding and surrounding us. I thought of my children, husband, loved ones now in heaven who had finished the race and of people I don't even know, who suffer in the darkness.

It was also the Sunday when families gather to give thanks for the gift of new life in their family. One father began to pray thanking God for the precious gift they had been entrusted with. He then said "Lord, because you are the creator of this child, you know best how to maintain." Amen brother.

Ruth V